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Helping families find hope and healing after the loss of a child.



When we encounter difficulties along our path, God gives us opportunities to share our experiences with others. Healing Hope Ministries utilizes these opportunities by going to churches, clubs, schools or other groups to share personal stories as well as a lesson on finding HOPE in the darkness.  Our main objective is to offer support through retreats, mentoring and education to the following groups of people.  


Anyone who is a parent or serves in that capacity of the child that has died is welcome to attend.  Grief is so hard and often times we need  a safe space to do just that, GRIEVE, without fear of anyone judging us.  Sometimes it can be hard to talk about and even find support through friends as they just don't know what to do and can't quite comprehend this pain. Attending this retreat will allow you the time and space as well as listening ears of people who genuinely care and have been through similar situations. We agree that everyone grieves differently, but know that we can learn from one another and support each other on this journey. We hope that you will find HOPE, knowing others have survived this difficult journey and you can too. 


 Siblings matter too. Young or old, you are welcome here as well. Children are invited to come with their parents and will have a special place here. Maybe you're grown and have a family of your own, but have lost your sister or brother, Healing Hope is a place for you as well. It can be so hard to find the time to grieve when you're so busy with life and we believe it is so important to talk about this pain and to take this time to grieve.  


Grandparents are often referred to as the "forgotten grievers". We understand the importance of offering a space for them to grieve as well because sometimes they don't have that chance when they're trying to support their son or daughter who has lost their child. We recognize the pain of watching your son/daughter grieve and experience so much pain, as well as grieving the loss of your grandchild.  We hope you will be encouraged to attend this retreat and take some time to allow yourself to grieve.  

The Support Network

Most of us just want to help. We want to take care of our friends suffering this loss and we don't know what to do. We've found it very beneficial to equip the entire support network of the family suffering the loss with tools and tangible ways they can support these families during this most trying time.  Whether it be friends, co-workers, or relatives, we want to help these people to be the best guides they can be for these families. 

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"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding." -Proverbs 3:5