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Helping families find hope after the death of a child.

Healing hope ministries


The Mission

Healing Hope Ministries helps parents and families find hope after the loss of a child at any age, to any cause of death. We provide families the means to work through the pain that they feel after the death of a child. We will guide them on a path to a life that once again can be filled with joy and happiness. We will help them find HOPE again. 


A Safe Space to Grieve

Healing Hope Ministries offers a tranquil  space where families can stay for 3-4 days.  A place for parents at any stage of grief.  The Healing Hope Retreat Experience offers families a place away from all distractions, allowing time to reflect and learn how to navigate this journey they find themselves on.  Healing Hope Ministries is modeled after the success and experience of Smile Again Ministries.  It is our desire to bring this proven grief retreat across the nation.  Different from other retreats, Healing Hope will host only one family at a time, creating a unique one-on-one experience.  The facilitators will walk alongside families, not as counselors, but as peers that have been on a similar journey.   

About Healing HOPE Ministries


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What the Walk to Remember means to families...

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