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Helping families find hope and healing after the loss of a child.




After the loss of a child, we know that it can feel lonely, dark and scary. We understand the desire to talk to someone who has been there to show us that we can survive this time. We don't know what we don't know, but we can rely on other people's journeys to shed some light on our path. 

We walk with people along their grief journey and help them find the answers they are seeking. Through the guidance of numerous coaches, counselors and groups we've sat in on, we're here to tell you that no way is the right way, but we're here to support you and guide you on your way. Give us a call,  connect with us on Facebook, or send us an email. We'd love to connect with you. 


Public Speaking

When we encounter difficulties along our path, God gives us opportunities to share our experiences with others. Healing Hope Ministries utilizes these opportunities by going to churches, clubs, schools or other groups to share personal stories as well as a lesson on finding HOPE in the darkness. 


"The Walk" by Denny & Karri Allen

Written by the founders of Healing Hope Ministries, this book is inspirational, and is a great tool for parents that have lost a child! Karri and Denny have pulled back the curtain to give us a glimpse into the reality they faced after their precious son passed away. It is so easy for us to understand that losing a child may be hard, but until we have actually gone through it, we are not to sure what really happens. Denny and Karri show us. They have used their pain to create a path for others to walk, and a resource for loved ones to use when someone they love has lost a child. We should never have to struggle through this alone, and thankfully, through this book, we will never have to! Get your copy today!

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