Healing Hope Ministries

Helping families find hope after the death of a child.


The Retreat Experience

The retreat is designed to give you and your family a safe place to grieve. A place away from all distractions, allowing you time to reflect and learn how to navigate this journey you find yourselves on. We believe that a retreat experience is one piece in helping families move successfully through the grieving process.    

While on retreat, you will...


· Share openly and honestly about your loved one’s story.

· Spend time focusing on the different emotions that parents experience after a child dies and how to deal with these emotions in a healthy way. 

· Develop a deeper understanding of how men & women grieve differently and not to fear the differences.

· Begin to learn how to prepare for the “firsts”.

Different from other retreats, Healing Hope will host only 1 family at a time, creating a unique one-on-one experience. The facilitators walk alongside the families, not as counselors, but as peers that have been on a similar journey.


Overview of the retreat