Healing Hope Ministries

Helping families find hope and healing after the loss of a child.

Helping families find hope and healing after the loss of a child.

Helping families find hope and healing after the loss of a child.Helping families find hope and healing after the loss of a child.Helping families find hope and healing after the loss of a child.




Retreats are a great tool to allow you the time and space to grieve. A place where hope and healing can begin. 



We provide education to support networks about grief and loss and how to support loved ones experiencing loss. 



Journey through your grief with others going through similar situations. 

The Retreat Experience NEAR ALCESTER, SD

We have a beautiful 2-bedroom "guest house" on our property where we welcome families for a 2-4 day "Retreat Experience". The retreat is designed to give you and your family a safe place to grieve. A place away from all distractions, allowing you time to reflect and learn how to navigate this journey you find yourselves on. We believe that a retreat experience is one piece in helping families move successfully through the grieving process.    

We simply hold space for families to talk openly about their loss without feeling judged. It’s a chance to come and focus on your loss; a chance to sit with it and let it process. A chance to talk and tell your story, and to keep those communication lines open with your family. It’s all about hope…we want to serve people, love people and allow healing to begin.

Different from other retreats, Healing Hope will host only 1 family at a time, creating a unique one-on-one experience. The facilitators walk alongside the families, not as counselors, but as peers that have been on a similar journey.



Walking Through Grief

Hear from two families what it feels like to lose a child and how a place like Healing Hope is beneficial. 


Find HOPE in the darkness. Schedule your retreat today for the Alcester, SD location. We look forward to meeting you. 



There are people who've walked this path and are there to help you navigate through. After we lost our son, we were looking for whatever we could to help us learn to live with this "new normal."

Here are a few things that helped us...
Compassionate Friends is a support group for parents who've lost children. They meet once a month in different cities. For more information and locations, click on the link above. Click here for information on the Sioux Falls Chapter. 

Smile Again Ministries is the Retreat Center we attended in northern Minnesota. We are a product of them and we actually use their curriculum. 

Awakening Grace  encourages families during the loss of a child during pregnancy and infancy to grieve bravely, heal gently, and remember boldly. To support these families, Awakening Grace provides care packages during or after their loss at any time. These care packages include comfort and memorial items as a small token of remembrance and love from our family to theirs. Burial garments can also be chosen from items kept on hand or may be custom made at the time of the loss. These garments are for babies of any gestation or age, including during pregnancy from 0-12 weeks, 12-20 weeks, 20-42 weeks, and after birth, 0-12 months. 

Seek Counseling

We highly encourage you to find a counselor in your area that fits you and your family. Here are just a few ideas. 

Lighting A New Way Counseling, Sioux Falls, SD - Mary Weber, 605-361-0114
Erick L Reiss, LMFT, Sioux Falls, SD - 605-212-9684
Stronghold Counseling, Sioux Falls, SD - 605-334-7713, Ellie Larsen, Jan Sanford, Marlene Ruff, Earl Witt     

Journey Counseling, Sioux Falls, SD - 605-988-8131 - Wanda Jeffcoat, Dianne Beard and Michael Wheaton

Agape Counseling Center, Brandon, SD - 605-582-4722, Erin Sanford
Family Life Counseling, ​Kearney, NE - 308-210-3638, Carol A. Larson



We'd love to connect with you.

Healing Hope Ministries - Headquarters

Main: (605) 934-2525 info@healinghopes.com Denny Allen: 605-321-1875 denny@healinghopes.com Karri Allen: 605-201-4261 karri@healinghopes.com

Healing Hope relies on donations to function and operate the retreat. Support from community members, businesses and churches is necessary to keep the cost to attend low for families walking through grief. We don’t want the cost to be a burden for families that attend, so we’re committing to carry this burden and know that with God and the support of this wonderful community, it will all work out. The actual cost per retreat will be about $2500, but families will only be asked to pay $50/night.

Your support and contributions will enable us to provide hope for grieving families in 

South Dakota and surrounding region.  

NOTE: If you donate online and choose to use your bank account rather than a credit card, the fees are less. Donate today to offer HOPE to the hurting. 

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." -Phil. 4:13